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Thinking About Selling Your Car?

February is a Great Time!

In the car business I have heard it said many times, the month of February is a great month for car sales.  At first it sounded crazy. February in Chicago?! I would think the weather is usually not conducive for car shopping. What I didn’t realize was February is when peoples’ tax refunds start arriving.


If you have decided to sell your car and are interested in doing it yourself, the next few weeks might be a great time. Cars.com posted a great article a while back titled “How to sell a used car”.  It was very thorough. The part I liked best (of course!) was their advice to take a page out of the car dealer’s book. Start by making the car attractive as possible.


Clean out the car and have it professionally detailed by a reputable detail shop. Go for the most complete option available, interior, exterior and engine compartment.  For cars this should cost under $200. Here is where I would add one more step. Give us a shout (DrivenstyleofIllinois.com). A clean car is great but we routinely take them to the next level. We’ve worked on over 100,000 cars. Interior wear and damage is not fixed by just cleaning. Rips, tears, burn holes, scraps, stubborn stains, all part of what we repair and we come to you.


The rest of the article is spot on and concise. There may seem to be quite a lot to do here but if you have the time it can be worth your while. Look your car up on any of the valuation sites (Cars.com, Kelly blue book). Though quotes will vary and they are only estimates, there is usually a substantial difference between the “Trade in “price and the ”Sell it yourself” price. Sometimes as high as $3000.00!!! Also look at the difference between what a car in Fair condition brings compared to one in Excellent condition.  Again there is a substantial difference.


So if you are thinking of selling your car and you are up to the challenge of doing it yourself, now is the time to start prepping it and February could be a great month to sell it.


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